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Rockingham Seed Library

The Rockingham Seed Library is a collection of seeds donated by individuals and seed companies. Anyone can take seeds home and grow them in their gardens. Gardeners help replenish the collection by donating additional seeds. Donated seeds can be either saved or purchased. It's that simple!

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Seed saving is at the foundation of the seed library, so only open-pollinated seeds are included. What does that mean?

  • Open-pollination is when pollination occurs by insect, bird, wind, humans, or other natural mechanisms. As long as pollen is not shared between different varieties within the same species, then the seed produced will remain true-to-type year after year, and thus can be saved by the gardener, and grown every year.
  • Heirloom varieties are plants with a history of being passed down within a family or community. An heirloom variety must be open-pollinated, but not all open-pollinated plants are heirlooms.
  • Hybridization is a controlled method of pollination in which the pollen of two different species or varieties is crossed by human intervention. The first generation of a hybridized plant cross (F1) tends to grow better and produce higher yields than the parent varieties due to a phenomenon called ‘hybrid vigor’. However, seeds produced by F1 plants are genetically unstable and will not produce reliable results when grown. Gardeners who use hybrid plant varieties must purchase new seed every year.

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